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Monday, July 14, 2008

Strategy Note 001

Hi folks, we have published the first strategy paper from my Lab today - details are here if you're interested in downloading.


-- umair // 2:38 PM // 1 comments


Nice work, Umair. I really enjoy your writing because it makes me think long and hard about these new models. It's not the easiest concept to wrap my head around, but I feel like I'm making progress.

I found what I think is a typo in the final sentence: Shouldn't this be

those focused on treating connected consumers

rather than

those focused not on treating connected consumers

Remove the word "not" -- or am I reading that wrong?


Third, it often requires firms to rethink how and why
they create value – it requires them to retool existing business models,
develop entirely new capabilities, and acquire entirely new kinds of
resources; those focused not on treating connected consumers as active,
vital, coproducers, rather than as sources of free content and an easy path
to a (valueless) cost advantage.
// Blogger Alex Beckham // 7:11 PM

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