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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bringing Sales 2.0 To Life

So how can organizations make Sales 2.0 happen?

First things first, Sales 2.0-enabled organizations see the correlation between customer intimacy and sales results. Shocking! There are 4 characteristics world-class 2.0 sales organizations, they:
  • Maximize selling time- remove mundane tasks associated with sales
  • Define a clear sales process focused on high value activities
  • Detail the mechanics of a meaningful conversations
  • Synchronize selling activities with the buying process
In this space, Landslide and InsideView stand out for their innovative approach to time-tested problems. For the evolving sales organization, the good news is that they recently announced a partnership. Awesome, this space is really picking up momentum.

Landslide has turned traditional CRM on its head by putting a premium on sales rep time and consistently enable sales force effectiveness. Remember the sales organization needs to maximize time with prospects and Landslide helps enable that-
  • Details your organization's sales process and the tools required at each step
  • Provides a free sales assistant service for sales reps (off-shoring snobs, their service is US-based)
  • 80% of all functionality is enabled from one screen...within 3 clicks
Insideview- quite simply provides a mash-up of the results that can be used by sales organizations. Why is it good? It works.

Remember our definition of Sales 2.0 is really fundamental: increase proximity to prospects. We will continue to explore innovative companies that help maximize sales rep time and minimize the tasks/ activities that steer reps away from this goal. These are the true Sales 2.0 pioneers.

With that, we take the first steps towards greater sales force effectiveness. Coming up next: what are sales organizations doing wrong?

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Has BGSL been highjacked? These Sales2.0 posts are weak.
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Uamir, that's not you is it?
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