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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Latest Work

My latest writing is at my Edge Economy blog at Harvard Business.

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If you want to drop me a line, here's how. I'm umairh on Twitter. My email address is umairhaque /at/ gmail. You can Skype me at umair.haque. Or you're welcome to leave a comment here or at my blog at Harvard Business.

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Speaking Schedule

Here's a selection of a few of the public events in my speaking schedule for this year.

Supernova, San Francisco, December 1
SOMESSO, London, May 15
Next 09, Hamburg, May 5
Oxford Internet Institute Policy Forum, London, April 27
The Second International Venture Capital in Emerging Markets Conference, Istanbul, April 17
BRITE/Columbia Business School, NYC, March 4

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Here are some recordings of talks and lectures I've given.

The Great Compression & Innovation 2.0 at BRITE/Columbia Business School

The Great Compression & Innovation 2.0 Q&A - BRITE/Columbia Business School

the Zombieconomy - HBR IdeaCast

Constructive Capitalism at Daytona Sessions

The New Economics of Music at the Berlin Transmediale

Next-Generation DNA at Supernova

Constructive Capitalism - Keynote at SOGETI VINT

Umair Haque 101 - Interview by SOGETI VINT

On the Music Industry - clubtransmediale.09

New Business Models - Q&A with Jeff Jarvis

Umair Haque's Radical Economics - Interview

Constructive Capitalism - Interview

The New York Times and Twitter - HBR Blogpost

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