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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Commentary: Moonshots and a Higher Purpose

-- umair // 11:04 AM // 2 comments


I hear you and I agree, with one small point: the success of the moon landing (and space race in general) as a 'moonshot' (collective great idea) was perhaps due to its reliance on a single conceivable event and shouldn't be confused with a type of social altruism.

It is no coincidence that the public fascination with space and our relationship to the heavenly bodies spiralled into decline after the Apollo project. More general (and altruistic) concepts like exploring space with satellites, or your own examples of reducing global poverty and restoring fish stocks, are not easily imagined as a quantifiable goal, and as such I do not think can ever constitute new 'moonshots'.
// Blogger Jack Self // 4:27 PM

Thanks Umair!

ViktorFrankl, psychologist and surviver of concentration camp Auschwitz, on the Meaning of Life
// Blogger RalfLippold // 10:37 AM

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