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Monday, November 15, 2004

You hear people flaming microsoft all the time...monopoly this, crap product that, blah blah blah.

Normally, I put such comments into the "everybody picks on the successful guy" type mentality. However, microsoft has now pissed me off.

So, I liked Halo. I liked it a lot. And I heard I would also like Halo 2. However, I have no way of knowing because the brand spanking new version of Halo 2 I purchased doesn't work on my 11 month old xbox. Being just a little pissed I called xbox customer support...

I ended up talking to a rep in India. After putting me on hold for 20 minutes, she came back and told me to take the disc out and clean it (after I had told her it was brand new). Upon telling her again the disc was clean, she put me on hold for another 10 minutes. She then suggested I turn off my xbox and then turn it back on again. Sensing the anger slipping into my voice, she then decided to dispense with the bullshit and give me the official microsoft answer. Here it is: Apparently, there is something wrong with the hard drive in my xbox (a corrupt save game or something which is incidentally also a load of shit, they just don't want to admit that the dvd drives they put into these things are prone to failure). So to fix it, i have to send my xbox to a service rep, who will then send it to microsoft, and 2 weeks and 140 canadian dollars later, I will have a working xbox or a new one. I politely informed her that a brand new xbox is only 50 dollars more, and that she should take my hard drive problem and shove it up her ass (or something like that).

So I'm going to mod my old xbox, and steal 200 dollars worth of stuff from microsoft in a vigilante attempt to pay myself back for their crappy goods. Screw you bill.

-- dhd // 6:07 PM //


Crap product that, blah blah blah. Screw you Umair.
// Anonymous // 6:02 AM

ah, you must have been the customer service rep I spoke with. ;)
// dhd // 4:11 PM

now that I think about that post, I realized a couple of things.

The customer service rep I spoke with only had a indian accent, and thus was not necessarily from India. However, it would be nice if these people at least seemed remotely close. I'm not sure why, but when you have the impression that somebody is thousands of miles away, you get a disjoint feeling as if there is no way they can help you. Which, of course, they can't...but still.

The other thing is, microsoft could afford to stop insulting people's intelligence. Who doesn't know to clean a disk if it's dirty? These must be the same people that use their dvd trays as cup holders.
// dhd // 4:25 PM

You know, I didn't write that. But I do agree 100%. There are many reasons why MS is on the defensive, and failing to learn from users is one of them. Stop being such a fanboy and think about it.
// umair // 5:21 PM
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