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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Next Any Things

Guys, I have to admit something.

I am colossally bored with almost every discussion going on among the usual suspects in 06. So bored.

Maybe I am not saying interesting enough things myself.

I just feel like most of the discussions these days center around things that are so predictable they're almost deterministic.

What are Google, Yahoo, MS, telcos, bla, blah, blah gonna do next? Like we don't know.

What's the media industry gonna do (to fall deeper into strategy decay) next? Like we don't already know.

What are VCs gonna invest in? Like we don't know.

I don't mean to be bitchy. I am just hugely, enormously, mightily bored with all things 2.0 at the moment.

What I would really like to see (if I can actually be constructive for a moment):

1) 2.0 meets product/service design + innovation.

2) 2.0 meets creativity (do something cool for culture already, stop selling out...so cheaply, no less).

3) 2.0 disrupts VC (nuff said).

4) 2.0 > media (must...find...new verticals).

5) Media does something cool (imagine that).

6) Telco does something cool (imagine that).

7) GYA put turning into MegaCorp aside for a second, and do something cool.

8) The thinkers start thinking a lot bigger than, say, how Ajax slashes transaction costs, or how micromedia creates attention scarcity. That is the smallest bit of a very tiny picture.

9) ...you get the picture.

-- umair // 10:24 AM //


Maybe you should talk about some other interesting things like for ex Net Extenders and their dynamics :)
// Rajan // 1:03 PM

You the man. most of what you post I can't decipher easily but you are great read.

Isn't Google really the new gatekeeper not journalists. Isn't this really about publishing and the associated problem of search?

// BP // 7:44 PM

I'm hearing you. There's just so much I can take and I step back and think, is *this* all there is to innovation? Is *this* all there is to Web 2.0? Keep posting what you are (although I can't understand all of it either), I appreciate your insight.
// Rachel // 8:41 PM


You are suffering from the classic problem of not having anything new to say, and therefore are fed up looking for your insights on the network. Take a deep breath and get back to work.

Your fan

// Steve Gillmor // 9:16 PM

Looks like you're not the only one with a case malaise...


// niblettes // 9:34 PM

boredom is the refuge of the tired, the dare i say 'spoiled' and the burnt. you're a highly insightful guy with tons on his plate but to throw off the rather yawning classic "I'm bored" and suggest that other people need to innovate so you can have more to do or say. Well, as the saying goes, "Physician, heal thyself." That said - a fan and borderline acolyte.
// T to the K // 3:22 PM

Here's some topics:

Why has rap music been successful for the past 15 years but rock music can't get the same mindshare? I think it has something to do with how rap musicians network...

what should Tivo do so my shares won't go down the toilet?

Where is Waldo?

You're a smart guy. Get some rest and hit us up later.
// chartreuse // 4:13 PM

OK then just choose a media...lets choose music:...now start a discussion about what a new interesting record company would look like. Assume you have all the songs you want,and their divisable bits: tracks, out-takes, sleeve art, (you know everything the label used to sell). How are you going to format this stuff to allow re-use, re-interpretation, collaboration[with music consumers]? Come on make something up. You define it and I'll do it.--Lindon
// Anonymous // 1:20 AM

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments. I admit it was kind of a bratty post.

It's not that I don't have new things to say (I do...soon), or that I want people to innovate just so I have something to chatter about.

It's just that I feel the navel-gazing ratio has gotten waaay out of hand. FWIW, YMMV, etc.


Thanks for the links.


Why don't you write a comment with some links and I will do a post on it.


If you don't get what I'm saying...just ask :)
// umair // 3:51 AM

Umair, I think the problem is that you're ahead of most of us. You're bored by 2.0 because you've figured it out, but it will take the rest of us a while to reshape our thinking to incorporate, for instance, that micromedia creates attention scarcity. We'll get there, but by then you may well have already figured out what 2.1 (or 2.5, or 3.0) will be (or at least might be), at which point your boredom will have vanished.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for some of the most far-reaching, and convincing, commentary I've read on where we're headed.

Rohan Jayasekera, Toronto
// Rohan Jayasekera // 7:50 AM

Hi Umair,

Lot of interesting thoughts in this area I have seen at the pondering primate blog (http://theponderingprimate.blogspot.com/ ).

Some of the particular interesting posts are the following



Also interesting is this article

// Rajan // 5:34 AM

thanks umair, i will. i took it as kind of tale of two cities these are best of times these are worst, etc and agree that really not much new. but if you think about it two things I think about is what is the client server role in this new networked environment and is Fred Wilson right about point-to-point solutions -- i don't think so
// bp // 6:42 PM
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