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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Politics of the Day - Why I <3 LaShawn Barber

Guys, I try and not get political on Bubblegen. So please excuse the politics if you're not into that kind of thing. That said...

I admit it. I read LaShawn Barber's blog. It's a guilty pleasure, full of schadenfreude - like watching a train wreck that never ends.

I luv LaShawn because she is the ultrapundit - more pundit than pundit. She's the ultimate simulation - she demonstrates what the pundit really is; a simulation of argument, rhetoric, knowledge, denuded of all context, logic, data, and rationale.

Her arguments aren't just asinine, as pundit's arguments often are - they actually take to the limit, as far as one can possibly can take, the fundamental paradox that dominates American culture today: demonstrating a superior lack of understanding about, well, almost anything - jurisprudence, politics, economics, ethics, religion, you name it - gets you attention.

LaShawn usually demonstrates no understanding (of anything).

The banality of stupidity, it turns out, is a real winner.

Call it the Village Idiot Effect - As we converge to a global village, it takes a singular devotion to battling the vast amounts of knowledge that even Google can give you for free to keep being the village idiot; but those that succeed enjoy a larger share of global attention.

The market for idiots, it turns out, is also, like other markets in a globalizing economy, a winner-take-all market.

Now, I'm not harshing on LaShawn for no reason. Here's the latest addition to her unrivalled arsenal of mind-blowingly brain-crushing fatuousity:

"...Gratuitous comment: People are ragging on Ann Coulter for using the term �raghead.� I think it�s much ado about nothing. How is that, Sean?"

Let me get this straight - LaShawn Barber (as if the sheer Voltron-of-stupid power displayed on her blog wasn't enough already) also hints at being...a racist.

I am in awe - utterly in awe - of the sheer unvarnished perversion of this contradiction. LaShawn is a black (born-again?) fundamentalist Christian. One would think (wrongly) that this might make it rather unlikely for her to want to be a racist.

That, my friends, is perfection - it's the perfection of ultrapunditry; to be able to claim everything while understanding nothing - not even the rawest essence of the deepest core of your own history and morality.

It's a true coup de grace. I don't think either Cleese or Orwell could have designed this story to turn out any better.

-- umair // 11:57 AM //


You pegged LaShawn perfectly. The way she has been able to get away with her idiocy for years has always baffled me...but I guess you explained it. Thanks...I think.
// chartreuse // 4:35 PM

LaShawn is a black (born-again?) fundamentalist Christian. One would think (wrongly) that this might make it rather unlikely for her to want to be a racist.

Boy you hit it right on the head there umair. I have always been stunned as a gay man, the amount of racism that is in the American gay community. It's less prevelent than in the rest of American society, but the fact that it even exists in a group of people who are arguably some of the most oppressed and actively discriminated against classes in American society just floors me. It equally floors me to see the amount of homophobia in the black community. I guess it just goes to show you that hypocrisy is a naturally human flaw. And if there's anywhere where hypocrisy is a scourge on humanity, its in politics.

Sad, but true.
// Anonymous // 11:09 PM

All politics tends to become tribal. It's a feature of human insecurity.

Your implication, that white atheistic liberals are somehow immune to this, fails the laugh test.
// Meme chose // 2:32 PM

Meme Chose,

Who said anything about "white atheistic liberals"? And...uhh...politics is the science of getting past the tribal. I really think you have to stop trolling and start reading.

Thanks for the comments guys.
// umair // 9:55 AM

Village idiot...LOL!!! Her blog shows a black lady but I'm not so sure. David Duke is that you"
// Anonymous // 3:01 AM
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