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Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Stuff - The Laws of Social Media

Folks, I have decided to shift the Bubblegen model a little bit.

Since I don't have time to consult with everyone, over the next few months, I am going to try offering a series of papers based on my research and consulting. Some of these will be free; the good stuff will cost you a bit.

The first of these is called The Laws of Social Media; it deconstructs how MySpace dominated this space, and the mistakes that it's numerous competitors - notably Friendster - made and continue to make, distilling all this stuff into about 12 key lessons for social media strategy.

It's like a mini workshop with me rolled into a nice, jargon-free 20 page pdf (not a dense, econ heavy ppt).

Who should be interested?

  • VCs - to understand how the dynamics of social media will unfold, and help your portfolio companies find advantage (read: to figure out how to scale).

  • Attention Economy players - to dig deeply into your strategy and business model, understanding the drivers of advantage.

  • Media strategists - to begin understanding how and why to create social value propositions.

  • Ad and marketing guys - so you understand what to look for as potential buyers of and complementors to social media plays.

  • Everyone else - to cut through the noise and really begin understanding concrete lessons about the Attention Economy

If you would like to buy this paper, email me for pricing (less than a 300 page market research report, more than a copy of subscription to the Economist) + access.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have a Google Base/Amazon set up going, and the majority of these papers online. The next one is specifically about building Attention Economy business models - so we don't clog the pipes, that one isn't available until next week.

No big sales pitch - in fact, an anti-sales pitch: I don't like the idea of charging particularly, but I can't give this hard-earned knowledge away; these papers are like blueprints for strategies and business models in my practice areas. Since I don't have time to consult with nearly as many people as I would like, I hope this experiment is a middle ground that gives more people some level of access to me.

Also note that at some point in the next year, prices will drop, and, even later, these papers will be free. So if you're just curious, and don't plan on using these as blueprints/insight now, it's probably worth it to wait. OTOH, if you're involved in these spaces, it's probably not.

Update - for clarity's sake: this isn't a new business model. BGSL is and will remain primarily a boutique strategy consultancy - I don't publicize my clients; suffice it to say you know who they are.

Rather, selling access to papers it's a way for me to try share my knowledge with a larger pool of people. Workshops and consulting gigs are expensive. Papers are (relatively) cheap. The goal is not so much $$ as it is offering a bigger universe of people a more economical path to the BGSL school of strategy.

-- umair // 6:54 AM //


"If you would like to buy this paper, email me for pricing (less than a 300 page market research report, more than a copy of the Economist) + access"

which email address is best to reach you on - gmail or LBS?
// Anonymous jamescoops // 11:37 AM

Hi James,

Either one will work, Gmail = quicker.

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 11:50 AM

My years on the internet have conditioned me to pay for nothing, but I respect that you're creating *far* too much value here to give it away for free. Props to you, sir! In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy your excellent blog.
// Anonymous Pete Cashmore // 1:45 PM

Have you seen this?


Might be interesting to do a review or comparason. (OK and in doing so drop some hints what's in *your* analysis for those of us in developing countries who are way too poor to imagine buying it. Sorry :-)
// Blogger phil jones // 1:54 PM

This is a strange move to take in a web2 world where other experts are learning to monetize the traffic and social capital created by their free content.

Will you please report back on this strategy's success?
// Anonymous David G // 4:44 PM

I wonder what the alternative would be.

Some kind of "lite" email based consultancy? Pay X dollars a month for 6 email questions? Or a two page analysis of the opportunities at the edge of your business?

Or should Umair just give more stuff away to raise his profile and try to charge his consultancy customers more?
// Blogger phil jones // 5:39 PM

Oh, and

// Blogger phil jones // 5:43 PM

Umair I tried the LBS address and did not receive a reply. I have no idea what your gmail address is - so this comment is my only way to request pricing info about your "white paper"

[email protected]
// Blogger papadavo // 12:40 AM

would like to purchase report. can you advise? thnx in advance
// Blogger stevecarlisle // 6:49 PM
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