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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Politics of the Day - Washington Post Toast

So, while I was busy slaving away this week, the Post did something awesome. As I'm sure you know, they hired a 24 year old kid to write a new "red" blog.

Why is this awesome? The sheer brain-exploding comedy factor of it is just too much.

-he thinks "evolution is a crock" (ha ha)
-he was formerly a Bush appointee (HA HA)
-he can't write to save his life (brain pressure)
-he's a thinker of the finest quality (viz, liberals are by default "shrieking extremists" - pressure increases)
-sometimes, he even dabbles in racism (aaaaaaa ha ha ha)
-he likes thinks Red Dawn is a spiritual experience (no...more...)
-he's a 24 year old chickenhawk (aaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha)
-he even has the requisite family connection - his dad is also a Bush appointee. (mflurgle!#$#$!!!!)
-who's connected to Jack Abramoff (brain explodes).

At first I was offended. After all, it's not every day that a budding racist is given a podium at one of the country's top media outlets.

On reflection, I have a delicious sense of anticipation. This is a guy who says things like:

"...Apparently, this violent testosterone-fueled psychological imperitive - not a coherent and just strategy for defending America in response to the first major attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor - is the real reason for our war in Iraq."

Riiiight. Uhh...

I don't think the Post could have made a worse move, from any perspective, if they tried. I mean, this isn't just a strategic error - it's just asinine.

It's going to be drama of the highest order watching them get flambeed by the blogosphere, their competitors, and the public, roughly in that order, as everyone discovers just how bad a taste it leaves in the mouth to give people like this - those who love war, but won't fight it; those who can't reason, but yap away anyways - the keys to the town square.

Pass the popcorn.

-- umair // 2:42 AM //


The ongoing blog (atrios, mydd, etc.) deconstruction of this guy has been nothing short of hilarious. My quesiton is why none of these 20-something movement conservatives ever sign up to for this fight against "islamofascism".
// Chad // 7:23 AM

This is weird. At 10:35 am (GMT+1), going to the address I get:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
Apache/1.3.34 Server at blog.washingtonpost.com Port 80
// Deirdre' Straughan // 9:39 AM

There are plenty of level-headed conservative bloggers with actual skills rather then invective who could've boosted the Post's chances of reaching more people through that format.

But they fucked up, royally, and we ought to let them have it, if not from a political/anti-racism/etc. way, then from a "you're utterly clueless" business-level way.
// Anonymous // 12:02 PM

Erm ... I'd love to believe this will hurt them. But perhaps they just know their own (intended) market? Strikes me that some of the most popular right-wing blogs are like this.

Also, a friend of mine living in the US says the game isn't about winning the conservative argument, but spreading enough FUD that no-one really knows what to believe of think anymore.

Boosting this kind of blogger probably helps that effort a lot more than some *thinking* conservative analyst, who's gonna occasionally have to admit that his / her opponents have a point that needs to be taken seriously.
// phil jones // 2:02 PM

Turns out he's also a plagiarist.


The point is not that they might get traffic because of this, it's that they're getting traffic by sacrificing the one thing they brought to the market, which is credibilty.

They should have bought out a nice and friendly, but popular right-wing blogger and increased revenue and exposure by maintaining their edge, rather then 'dabbling' in blogs and hiring this loser.
// Anonymous // 12:25 AM
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