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Monday, June 19, 2006

Wetpaint Rocks

I've been pretty quiet lately. Lots of reasons - family stuff, World Cup, interviews, consulting, and a beautiful summertime in London.

But I have to say I am mightily (hugely, enormously) impressed with the sheer rocking awesomeness that is Wetpaint. And not just because I set up the long-awaited bubblegen wiki (go for it :), either.

You know the reasons - it says a lot about the state of the Valley and the market for consumer plays that it's taken so long to kick off such a simple but great idea. A lot - namely, that the market gap is still wide open for clever entrepreneurs, VCs are still waaaay behind the curve, etc, etc.

-- umair // 5:52 PM //


OK. For those of us who are slow, wanna say more about how this differs from Infogami or even Wikicities (Wikia)?
// Blogger phil jones // 1:52 AM

Wetpaint = wikis
Blogtronix = wikis + blogs + social networking


(Disclosure: I'm involved with Blogtronix.)
// Blogger Dimitar Vesselinov // 2:00 AM

so, let me get this straight - you're going to post up the BGSL IP on this wiki and let a seattle startup monetize your content? mmmmmmmmmmm ?

it'll work great for
a) minute niches
b) sites they build themselves

nice product though
// Anonymous David G // 3:01 AM

Yes,I think David is right... "mightily (hugely, enormously) impressed"... seems like the Summer London air might be a little too intoxicating! WetPaint is pretty 'obvious'... Its an incremental step and although cute, seems fairly passe...
// Blogger Simon Edhouse // 11:03 AM

Hi Guys,

I think you're missing the potential from a strategic pov.

Certainly, it's technologically incremental.

But I think Wetpaint has the potential to be revolutionary. Think doing for wikis what Blogger did for blogs.

It's well designed, a snap to use, etc, etc - it is the first wiki that the mass market is ready to deal with (apart from maybe Wikipedia, which is a different play).

Hi David,

Content has never made me much $$ :)

Hi Dimitar,

I like Blogtronix, but I'm not sure I get the whole picture.
// Blogger umair // 1:48 PM

OK. So the argument is "ease of use" or prettiness over something like Infogami?
// Blogger phil jones // 6:49 PM

Hey Phil,

I'm not sure about Infogami, it's kind of a pita - but we are talking about friction/usability more than design. It's all about friction being the value killer in a world of zero switching costs.

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 6:53 PM

Wetpaint indeed seems incremental and lacks the community needed to lend credence and trust. After all, media2 no longer supports brands as proxies for trust. Community aggregators provide trust proxies more aligned to human factors: familiarity, similarity, and popularity.
// Anonymous Vada Dean // 8:07 PM

Hey, I see that you're familiar with Wetpaint and their new wiki service. I found this really interesting article on Technology Review today about Wetpaint and how they are trying to make wikis more mainstream, because in the past wikis have appealed to a very limited audience. I hope you find the article interesting, you can check it out here:

// Anonymous Dana // 4:22 PM

the dif is that blogger doesn't slap ads all over my blog - even goog knows better than that - product would be 100X bigger if they found a better model (IMO) - the fact that they're not doing rev-share (like blogger) is totally shortsighted; they'd halve margin but increase rev 50X. There's work in building a vibrant community - might as well have an incentive - "cool tool" doesn't cut it anymore.
// Anonymous David G // 4:45 PM

Regular readers(phil jones, david g & others) of bubblegen. !

Now that a wiki has been created lets use that discuss & get clarity on vague concepts/topics in bubblegen.

Instead of talking/pinging umair who is ever busy (& chooses to pay attention to only A-list people ), let's tap in to collective of readers to learn from each other on what is posted here. I have already started a definitions page & will be slowly filling it out.

Please make addition/correction to it.

I was thinking of making my blog a demystifier or dejargonizer of umair's writing/research as I think there is tremendous demand for that :) But instead thought would do that here in the wiki.

// Blogger Rajan // 5:09 PM

Oops here is the definition pagehttp://bgsl.wetpaint.com/page/Definitions
// Blogger Rajan // 5:10 PM

I started messing with it add links to pages for those definitions.

Of course, like all such "easy to use" wikis - what it really means is that I have to juggle between mouse and keyboard when I'm editing a page and want to add markup and links.

Aside : anyone who wants a good old fashioned multi-moded, markup-driven wiki-like personal notebook, check out http://www.nooranch.com/sdidesk/wiki/wiki.cgi/HomePage
// Blogger phil jones // 10:51 PM
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