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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Politics of the Day, Last One for a Very Long Time Edition

Funnily enough, it's Newsweek that's just published what is perhaps the greatest article about the War on Turra that I think I've ever read.

Take it from me - everything this guys says about the Muslim world is absolutely spot on (which is a Very Bad Thing). Do not miss.

-- umair // 8:41 PM //


Great series of posts Umair. As a US-born "brown man" I find myself thinking many of the same things. While I have numbed myself to the right-wing axis of hate, I find it sad that this is what the entire nation has come to accept as fact, whether it's loud and in your face (Fox News) or spinelessly acquiesces because of political castration (the left). Perhaps these are just the (painful) paces every minority group is put through to gain acceptance into American culture. Like a frat hazing without the bodily fluids, alcohol, and barnyard animals.

The most disappointing aspect of the past few years has been the total lack of action in removing the economic and social hopelessness that breeds terrorism in the Muslim world. The US continues to pursue the same (or perhaps an even more destructive) foreign policy that fueled the hatred of those who carried out the 9/11 attacks. Until the US models its response to terrorism on the Marshall Plan rather than on Israel's eternal war of "self-defense", the terrorists will continue to have an ever-expanding pool of recruits and continue to spread chaos and fear across the globe.
// Anonymous Ahsan // 11:36 PM

The painting of the entire Muslim population in a single colour of red extremism is only going to make more enemies considering the social situation that many of the religion find themselves in. Being an Indian muslim, the recent blasts have been dealt with maturely back home, although I cant expect the little acts of hatred not to exist, but as another Indian recently suggested that we should go after pakistan just as israel went after lebanon, i couldnt agree to the parallels being drawn...two different countries, two very different situations...and still he didnt think twice in makiong a generalization; a sentinment echoed throughout much of Mumbai's population. Kill 'em all sounds good on a Metallica album, bombs dont do break beats.

There seems, in my opinion, no respite from this absolutely corrupted situation, in which fundamentalists and corrupted interests (ref: Power of nightmares; A. Curtis) in an effort to bloody the other's nose have lost all sense of balance and humanity.

Imho, this has just started...the shit is yet to hit the fan and the repressed hatred is going to be further inflamed if such acts continue. An all out war is what these fools with dices have wrought.
// Anonymous Sameer Pitalwalla // 2:37 PM

Thanks Umair, yes, a really great article. It made me consider Tony Blair's key role in the history of this saga. Blair should have known better. In many ways he is was more culpable, because he lent his cedibility and support, when in fact he should have used the UK's full influence and leverage to block the Iraq invasion.
// Blogger Simon Edhouse // 5:23 PM

Hi Umair,

thanks for posting this. It needed to be said. I am behind you 100% and would like to hear more.

One question though. I assume that that there are a lots of conservative jews and republicans in the venture capital business. Do you feel worried that you may have damaged your consulting business by speaking out like this?
// Anonymous Murray // 9:09 AM
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