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Friday, November 16, 2007

Next Big Things, Good Beats Evil Edition

Read this thoroughly depressing - really, excruciating - article about the massive suicide rate among soldiers returning from Iraq.

Forget about politics of it for a moment. There's a deeper point.

The next generation of radical innovators should be thinking about attacking problems exactly like this - discovering entire new continents of market space outside the boundaries of yesterday's stale industrial, well, industries.

How do we make this better? How can a radical new economic design here make everyone better off?

-- umair // 12:25 AM //


Maybe they shouldn't. Maybe there isn't a 'market' in returning soldiers committing suicide. It's a social problem caused by a government decision and as such requires a radical political innovation to solve it. Like maybe providing a better support network when soldier return. Now maybe that is a Facebook app that connects soldiers with other soldiers but why replicate the British legion(in Britain at least)? There is a problem and there is a gap / opportunity to fill but I think that it's a government responsibility and not the place of a economic one.
// Daniel // 9:51 AM

hey daniel,

my assumption was the the government can't/won't fix it - certainly at least not in the states - unfortunate as that is.

thx for the comment.
// umair // 10:45 AM

I realize this isn't the point you were trying to make but this article looks like it's playing fast and loose with statistics... If you didn't read it carefully you'd think that all these suicides were from returning Iraq/Afghanistan vets but that's not what it says. The stats are on all US military vets, a much larger population from which to gather data. What about the fact that post WW2 there was a draft for 20+ years so that until the 70s a much larger % of American men were veterans than in the era of the all-volunteer army? What about the socio-economic background of people that enlist? Wouldn't that correlate with future homelessness pretty well too? The headline mis-represents the issue.


ps when's the next Next Wed?
// Anonymous // 11:18 AM

hey bill,

you're right - but the iraq rate is also quoted in there if you look closely.

next next weds is next weds (lol) - was away this week - hope u can make it :)
// umair // 11:33 AM

people need to wake the f up and realize that 9/11 was an inside job. the mainstream media is totally complicit in selling you the 9/11 lie, and in selling you many other lies. soldiers deaths, restriction of civil liberties, the end of constitutional rule in the US, the death of hundreds of thousands of iraqis, and lots of other awful stuff is a direct result of this most preposterous lie.

if people knew that 9/11 was an inside job, there'd be no soldiers committing suicide. there wouldnt even be an iraq war.

world peace and the real journalism revolution -- in other words, the unapologetic destruction of mainstream media -- begins with 9/11 truth.

in case you dont know anything about 9/11 being an inside job, search for it on google video and youtube. you can also check out patriotsquestion911.com -- a great and simple example of the power of the internet, in my opinion.
// kid mercury // 1:03 PM
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