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Thursday, February 21, 2008

DNA and The Obama Endgame

Lots of interesting comments on the Obama Endgame post.

Let's talk for a sec about political DNA. A couple of people have pointed out that the prez - technically, at least - can't change the political DNA of Washington. That is, the DNA is hardcoded into the constitution.

I'm not so sure. Bush has radically changed Washington's DNA. True, he's subverted the constitution in many ways.

But if you look a little more closely, much of the DNA also lies outside the constitutionally ordained megastructure. Two parties, caucuses/primaries, funding rules, committee-led decision-making, how elected officials staff their offices, how the prez, ultimately, can softly restructure the rest of government via appointees, etc.

What do you guys think? It's funny - but the most intuitive example of DNA I think we can discuss ain't business, it's politics.

-- umair // 1:37 PM //


Did Bush really change Washington's DNA?
I would think he merely exploited Washington's DNA. And if took a Bush to change America's DNA, then we ain't got no problem....Obama's got that DNA-flush covered! :)

As a democracy grows older, the externalities that you're talking about, simply turn into enablers for fueling the democratic engine....Without allowing for much discussion/thought on where the engine is supposed to take us, and how many carriages it can pull with it.
The end result? You see heavy users of "Texas Booger Sugar" jumping into the engine with their cowboy hats screaming "America, f**k yeah!"

I'd go so far as to say that it happens with any structure.

- DNA, in politics, stems from the soul, ideals and flesh of the people forming the original structure('we..the people..bada bing...bada boom').
Now, when the people are no more, it's only the structure that remains, to be (mis)construed and (mis)used for generations to come.
- DNA, in business, stems from the original plan to sell goods and make money based on perceived willingness of a consumer to pay a price for those goods.
When that reality (of price/demand/other variables) changes, the business dies(MSFT...I'd think). Or it evolves(dare I say IBM?).

I think America needs good ol' 5 year plans. Lots of 'em. Stop speaking about "your stand on this issue-that issue" every election, and tell me of a good 5-7 year business plan that talks about growth, opportunity, barriers, team building, threats, partnerships and alliances, R&D, and exactly how you're going to use my venture capital(ah..tax dollars..) to make good your promises on the above.

But I suppose that's the problem. No one's asking for a business plan. Everyone's yelling at the top of their lungs: "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
// Blogger preetam // 3:12 PM

It is interesting to note that O-Bama enjoys considerable support from independents and republicans... if ron paul is the long tail candidate, Obama seems to be the mid tail candidate... sort of like these new gen youtubes

Is Obama good for business? Well I think he is going to be better at it than the current administration... sometimes showing you the money is the first step to actually presenting a business plan.
// OpenID riffmia // 7:23 PM

I dont think Bu$h radically changed the DNA. The DNA was always there (the same dna thought it'd won the cold war). It was just hidden, lying dormant, waiting for someone like bin laden. So they could replay their politics of fear.

With fear it's far easier to make money. Anything else requires fresh ideas, a shared vision and effort (like going to the moon - jfk stylee).

You're right. The infected DNA is in both parties. Hitlary made a deal with the devil (dna) a long time ago and she now expects our support*

*I have infected DNA and i approve this message ;)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:51 PM

Lol...I think my dear friend Riff may have misunderstood my "show me the money" statement....

Riff, all I meant was we're too driven about making money, without giving much thought to how we make that money, and at whose/what expense we make that money.

My question(where's the b-plan?) was actually answered in the b-week article: turns out BO is in touch with bankers and w/ good ol' uncle Warren.
I'd say that's a damn good start for an advisory board, far different from scary vice presidents who mistake human beings for birds, shotgun in hand.
// Blogger preetam // 8:51 PM

Here I go with Hunter S. Thompson again. Sorry. Apparently he's makde it impossible for me to look at politics from any angle other than his.

I think he's thinking about DNA though.

There's a moment in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (not Campaign Trial '72) when he talks about a watermark. He remembers a moment in the mid-60s when the tide had risen its highest. A moment of peace, love, civil rights, black power, and revolution. It was the moment our cultural DNA hit its most highly evolved point.

And Vietnam and anti-communism and Nixon and fundamentalist Christians stopped the evolution.

I know I'm not being precise here, but I guess what I'm getting at is a question:

Are counter-culture social movements (Merry Pranksters, Black Panthers, etc.) a good indicator of DNA or useful in measuring DNA differences?
// Blogger Jake de Grazia // 10:43 PM
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