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Thursday, May 22, 2008


"...i usually find it hard to despise. but umair is full of shit re: @scobleizer & "Valley is Blowing It" post: http://tinyurl.com/6hf2vh"

lol. Look - call me full of shit all you like. That's fine, and it helps us have good discussions.

But isn't "despise" a bit ott?

Would Dave really feel he had the license to ummm...despise me...if I wasn't a brown dude in London?

No, I'm not saying Dave is racist. But it sure feels like there's something deeper than mere disagreement happening. And it's perhaps easier to jump into "despising" people who are different from you.

I take a lot of attacks. Funnily enough, the people that make them usually come from a very specific demographic.

So I don't feel like Dave would have said this about someone, well, more like Dave. Maybe that's wrong, I'm sure many of you think I'm being too sensitive, I'm probably more than guilty of it myself.

But from my perspective - it doesn't feel like debate: it feels like hate.

This will be the last admin for a while, I've had enough of this navel-gazing.

And thanks to everyone for all the feedback on yesterday's thread - it was really, really helpful, awesome stuff.

-- umair // 3:27 PM //


hey umair,
I am a long time reader/lurker on your blog. Incidentally I am a brown dude in the US but to me that is a noop. What has kept your blog and writing interesting and occasionally awesome(:)) to me is the depth of your thinking and the breadth to which you let is unravel. Don't let "Dave" get to you. Not worth it! Thanks again for sharing your intellect and gifts with the rest of us. Much regards and serious props!
// Blogger amar rama // 3:57 PM

hey amar,

don't get me wrong - it doesn't affect me hugely.

i'm just pointing it out.

thx for the comment and i'm glad you're enjoying.
// Blogger umair // 4:02 PM

My guess is your FB bashing is not going well with Dave. He is a well known FB fan.
// Anonymous Dasher // 11:04 PM

Hey Umair,

I know Dave. And as a brown woman, I can say that his comment had nothing to do with race whatsoever.

Dave is very direct and outspoken and sometimes his words are stronger than needed.

I think "despise" was way too strong as well. Disagree is probably better.

I am not defending his usage of the word or his tweet. Just explaining that I don't think it has anything to do with race at all.
// Anonymous Shripriya // 11:54 PM

Umair, I know Dave personally and Dave is certainly not a racist.

You do yourself a disservice to bring race into this or any discussion when there is no evidence for such an extreme statement.
// OpenID gen // 7:30 AM

you're a brown dude? who knew? i only saw that you wore sunglasses indoors, which was enough for me... lol ... not really

hey, get rid of blogger, ok? get on the disqus bandwagon with your buddy fred wilson ... half the guys i read here i want to talk to

the conversation is the blog, remember? oh, yeah, i made that up, sorry
// Blogger gregory // 4:06 PM

i read the link, you are way too sensitive.. nothing about brown at all.... how do you handle it if a brown guy calls you full of shit??

color is over, get over it, though if it is part of your egoic self-identity, you cannot get over it, because then your idea of who you think you are wouldn't be you. biggest fear on earth.

defined by race is as silly as defined by gender... only if you want to be, in short
// Blogger gregory // 4:31 PM

Hi Umair,

here is another comment from another lurker. The german news-magazine "Spiegel" made an interview with the austrian "experimental econom" Simon Gaechter [1].

He is making social-sconomic-experiments . E.g. a group of people, each of them can pay money in a pot which gets doubled and paid back to the whole group (nevertheless one paid in or not).

In a variation of that experiment, the group knows how much everybody paid in and everybody has the possibility to punish others. The astonishing result of that experiment: in some circumstances (what's the opposite of the edge economy) the god people who paid much in, gets punished by the others.

The explanation: move around your guilty conscience in punishing these mother-theresa type of guys.

These papers seems to be interesting ...

[1] http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/economics/staff/details/simon_gaechter.htm
// Blogger k9ert // 8:40 PM

I was there once - in London in the 90s, there was an entire subculture who lived for seeing their names in print in the "gossip columns" of music papers like NME/MM... which they got from going out and being at the hip places, hanging about with hip people, and being noticed.

Meanwhile, the actual music was being made somewhere else. What you've done (I think) is take a poke at something not a million miles away from this. Race doesn't come into it.

So yea, real problems aren't being solved (yet) and self-referential circles have evolved. This may be natural. Maybe real problems will be solved by the same people later. Maybe they're just building up their capital in an evolving attention economy before they do something worthwhile. Meantime though, it looks like Camden in the 90s. I make misjudged comments on it on twitter when I'm drunk sometimes. I find it very very very irritating.


Oh damn. I just realised that this comment system doesn't display my avatar. Damnit damnit damnt. Wasted effort etc.
// Anonymous Nick Taylor // 8:12 AM

I despise plenty of people in the public eye - and generally they are white American or European celebrities, and are probably equally split between male and female...

I think you're taking this one a little personally, particularly as I think more and more bloggers will have to accept that once they become popular, they are in the public eye, and then susceptible to the type of insulting behaviour that society thinks is fine to direct at anyone in the public eye.
// Blogger Dan Thornton // 10:22 AM

What's strange is you regularly write about forward thinking views on business and online and yet when attacked you resort to backward thinking commentary.
// Anonymous Riaz Kanani // 10:00 AM
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