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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Election Strategy 101

How Obama should attack Palin. Someone forward to Axelrod.

-- umair // 2:00 PM //


gotta disagree, best way for obama to attack palin is to replace biden with tina fey
// Anonymous kid mercury // 2:43 PM

I definitely agree that there is huge inconsistency in terms of the "I attend mega-church every week, but I hate 'dem Muslims" viewpoint of a (disappointingly large) portion of the American electorate.

The real electoral issue, though, is what message is going to appeal to independent voters in the swing states of FLA, OH and maybe CO, MIN, NH etc. Pointing out inconsistencies in their religious beliefs and their foreign policy "beliefs" (which is really just jingoism/racism) is not going to make them like you (read: vote for you).

The big issue that needs analysing at the moment in US politics, IMHO, is why the "average US voter" seems to want to vote for "someone like them" as opposed to someone that will do the best job as president.
// Blogger Jonathan // 3:22 PM

Totally beside the point. Obama should stop paying any attention to Palin. Biden could attack her for this stuff, but that too would be a waste of what little attention Biden can generate.

Attacking a celebrity for airheadedness is a losing maneuver. McCain noticed this about Obama, and his VP pick seems to have been the perfect response.
// Blogger Jess Austin // 3:25 PM

Sadly, that line of attack would backfire in the US. It's hard to convey to people across the pond the hold that religiosity has on a large segment of the American populace.

Palin is terrifying because both the extremists and the moderates see what they want in her. I agree team Obama needs to start hitting back harder, but attacking religion is a third rail in American politics. And the sad reality is that it's easier to mentally associate Islamist extremists with the brown man with the funny name than with the hockey mom from the North.
// Anonymous Kevin Werbach // 3:29 PM

not a winning election strategy. maybe you could win a college debate with this angle, but for a presidential election, this is far too oblique, academic, even pedantic. time and again it's the intellectual desire to make such attacks that kills the dems chances at winning big elections.

it's all about connecting with voters, and this doesn't connect; dems have a tin ear for campaign themes. palin connects with voters.

not only that, but they are taking the palin bait hook line and sinker; wasting cycles attacking the vp pick shows they've taken their eye off the ball.
// Anonymous mike b // 5:54 PM

Brilliant article. But my question regarding the suggested strategic approach would be: who is interested in content anyway? Isn't the (American) political system too polluted for this approach to be succesfull? For the record: I would hope not.
// Anonymous Ronald Carpentier // 11:48 AM
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