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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Let's Make a Deal

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know those of you I don't know personally that I've decided against continuing towards a PhD and am looking for a new full-time position.

Ideally, I'm thinking an Associate spot at a fund, or a strategy role in www/media/tech, but I'm open to interesting ideas.

To sweeten the deal, I will pay a bounty of $750 (plus pints if you're extra cool) to whoever refers me to a position/place/person that leads to an offer I accept.

USA/UK/Europe is OK. I'm in London now, but am getting back to the Bay Area next week.

Make some easy cash and hook me up. In lieu of a CV, you've got a whole blog (but you email me for my CV if you want :)

-- umair // 8:05 PM // 4 comments


what about Asia? ;)
// Blogger matt // 2:50 AM

Offered like a true economist believing in the power of incentives :-). Good luck with the job hunt. I gotta get going on that too as I am about to grad from my MBA in a couple of months.

Oh yeah, and how'bout Canuckland? ;-)
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 7:10 AM

OK, this is more of a request for help.

The US has a listener sponsored, 5-station radio network called Pacifica. Their social legacy is tremendous and dates back to 1949. Check out founder Lew Hill's Theory on Listener Sponsorship of radio.

My request would be for you to provide some of your strategic expertise to help them make the leap into a Media 2.0 strategy. Maybe you could view this as a unique challenge or laboratory. They are currently recruiting for an executive director.

Their offices are in Berkeley and have stations in NY, LA, Berkeley, Austin, and DC. Many affiliates across the country. They are best known today for Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!"

They're 100% listener sponsored (no commercials), which is a unique play in today's US media landscape, I believe.

Also, they are mission driven to spread their programming and political message.

So, I have a sense that their model provides them some structural incentives that line up well with some of the strategies on opening content and creating community in a Media 2.0 landscape. But I may be way off, of course.

In any case, for me Pacifica is a cultural treasure and I would love to have your thoughts on how they might best thrive in a Media 2.0 world.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:24 AM

Wurld Media have Jobs in Biz Dev
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:02 PM

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