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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Killing User-Generated Content

I don't talk much these days about Media 2.0. The reason's simple: most players are getting it wrong, and I've outlined in my presentations and research notes what they should be doing to get it right.

A big part of the problem is the assumptions media players are making. Those assumptions are exposed in the words they use; the symbols that reflect the concepts they use to think strategically about media.

And the worst offender, as those of you I've chatted with know, is the phrase "user-generated content". What a nightmare.

I'm glad Powazek has finally called it out - it is a huge block to thinking strategically about the future of media.

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Powazek is 100% right about this but not for the reasons they mention in their post (this blogger doesn't take comments - probably shouldn't be viewed as an authority on 2.0)

UGC IS a blight on the industry - but not because the "term" is cold (which it is) - the problem with UGC is that when your primary focus is on the content, you loose. Users aren't (mentally) creating content when they create content - they are connecting to other users - content is just a by-product of "the conversation". Those services that enable conversations / transactions are kicking ass - those that are amassing content are not. It's ebay vs amazon, it's myspace vs digg, it's yahoo vs google - the winners will be the players that ignore the content & enable the conversation.

It's arrogant of the media industry to claim ownership of these new business models - just because they are ad-funded doesn't mean they are media - start to think of myspace as a telco and ebay as an exchange and you are on the right track.

The sooner we shake off our fixation with UCG the better.
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