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Friday, June 16, 2006


We're gonna have a little get together for Om tomorrow night at the Princess Louise (Holborn) from 7pm onwards.

Come one, come all, we'll kick back, watch a bit of the match, and generally chill out.

Oh yah, it's pretty short notice, so do me a fav and blog it, tell your friends, etc.

-- umair // 5:08 PM // 2 comments


Couldn't make the pub 2 nites ago but am v interested if you meet up soon to chat.I had a small media co who have been facing writing on the wall for some time,diminishing income from archaic concepts eg mags and books and outmoded portals,so found your podcast v refreshing.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:21 AM

nice work umair - arrived late but it was well worth it
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:14 AM

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