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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Future of Media, Consultants Edition

Don't miss Deloitte's awesomely lame list of media trends for '06 (especially number 10).

-- umair // 6:33 PM // 7 comments


Yup, pretty lame. Maybe I'll have to invest in this new-fangled blog aggregator thing ;-)
// Blogger Harold Jarche // 7:10 PM

#11 People will continue to use the internets.
// Anonymous anton // 9:22 PM

It must be intern season.
// Anonymous paulpod // 11:08 PM

They should hire me.

I've just written two aggregators

wonder if they have a VC arm I can get a couple of million from.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:47 AM

haha this is hilarious... and the worst thing is that there will be companies that will pay for the full report...
// Blogger alberot // 1:16 PM

. . . would have been oh-so-clever if it had been published in 1996.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:05 AM

wow..this consulting intern finds that list frighteningly bad.
// Anonymous Elsa // 1:49 AM

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