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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I just got qwned by Google. Base is almost exactly what I have been working on for the last few weeks with a few buddies.

In fact, I just talked to a VC here who told me the idea sucked (oh, the irony).

Goddammnit, I hate it when this happens.

-- umair // 7:48 PM // 7 comments


Ouch...and, ouch!! :-).
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 9:53 PM

I guess it goes to show how cheap and obvious so many of these ideas are. Maybe there's a market for another photo-sharing service!?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:05 AM

Better sooner than later. I know folks who have quit their jobs and were one 1 year in to working on their startups and then were pw0nz0red by Evil Empire South...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:27 AM

Surely this is good news for you. Shows validity in the idea. No?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:35 AM

Whatever happened to the noble strategy of "fast follower"?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:20 AM

That sucks !!
// Blogger Rajan // 5:51 AM

It's common in the early stages of a project to see competitors everywhere... see for example Paul Graham's comments on this phenomenon about midway through his writeup about the Y!C Summer program ( ).

Don't use your imagination to convince yourself 'Google Base' (or any other rumored spectre) is a better version of what you want to do.
// Blogger Gordon Mohr // 6:00 PM

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