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Friday, December 09, 2005

Yahoo + Delicious, pt 1

Congrats to Josh, Fred, Brad (and Charlie)

I thought delicious was a killer idea practically from it's launch.

I was pretty surprised when USV invested; it was a bold move, because 2.0 was definitely not hot (possibly getting warm) in the eyes of most VCs at that point. I think this a nice datapoint to show that USV is (relative light-years) ahead of the competition - especially most Silicon Valley investors, who are having a very hard time grappling with investments in the media value chain, and which require deep insight into consumer behaviour.

-- umair // 11:42 PM // 1 comments


that's awfully nice Umair

i hope we can continue to stay ahead of the curve

it isn't easy

but by reading you every day, i have a shot at it.
// Blogger fred // 1:36 AM

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