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Thursday, January 26, 2006

(Even More) Publishing 2.0

Scott asks, Lloyd riffs:

"...I think what he�s said here is right too - you just can�t measure everything, and one of the key things you can�t measure is an audience�s relationship to its media. And if you can�t measure it, you can�t sell ads on it in anything like a mechanical way. And if you can�t sell in a mechanical way, you end up hiring human beings who pitch to clients and draw up readership surveys and explain �brand effects� and other such dark arts."

Look, I am one of the original anti-algorithmic guys. I helped kick off the whole "humans are more efficient than algorithms" school of thought that is hot at the moment.

But I also think Scott and Lloyd are wrong on this one. In fact, you can increasingly measure the audience's relationship to it's media.

The whole reason the media industry is being disrupted is because execs used to think that - essentially, that they knew what audiences would really like - and that gave them the excuse to do horrible things, like this.

All of the radical media innovations of the last few years - attention markets, pay-per-x, peer production communities - are focused like a laser beam on exactly making the relationship between media and audience much more measurable.

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