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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Video

Glancing at TechDirt, I see response to Google Video is mixed. Interesting.

Though the product may suck, the strategy is still dominant: leveraging cheap coordination to utilize a market to allocate resources more efficiently than TV stations, Hollywood, etc, can.

At the same time, if you're worrying about DRM...don't. This is the real test of DRM. Google's market, if it's efficient, should show the DRMafia that the marginal cost is far (far) greater than the marginal benefit.

This is the only argument they'll listen to, and though I've made it in boardrooms often (ironically, to most of Google's big competitors...why don't you guys listen!?), I never had what Google Video will provide: millions of bucks of evidence.

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I also notice that Google have once again failed to address any kind of social interaction or social space with their latest. This makes me rest easier, i can tell you. ;-)

(Still hurting from Orkut perhaps?)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:40 AM

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