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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Edge Competencies

Leveraging the edge in a single domain, like many 2.0 startups are focused on, is - or more often, should be - a path to a bigger goal. That goal is building an edge competence, which, like a core competence, lets you leverage the edge consistently in new domains and markets.

The best example right now is Google's print ads initiative - it should be intuitive to see that since Google has made ads and content liquid and plastic, it can extend this competence to new domains, like print (TV, etc, etc...).

I strongly recommend you check it out to get a vivid demo of what I'm talking about - it will be a lot clearer (really).

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What boggles my mind is how easy this would be for existing, old school players to do, in so many ways. But the media world they live in is stultified, that they just can't do it.

The media buying/selling world is one that is just begging to be exploded.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:20 AM

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