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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unbundling McDonald's

It occurred to me while reading this fascinating thread from folks who work at McDonald's hacking dishes, that if you take edge competencies to the limit, a possible future for McDonald's is exactly this: a place where you can go and hack together your own fastfood; like...uhhh...a Google for food.

-- umair // 8:58 PM // 7 comments


lol, food tags... "the most popular 10 dishes today are:

meat23, veg18, sauce110, bun42 (touch here to order this meal, or hack your own by pressing here)

etc. etc.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:18 PM

Yeah! What a great thread!

Imagine some minor burger chain simply unleashing all it's employees to just make up the food they like and have customers post reviews.

Perhaps they could have "staff-day" once a month when the people working there could just go crazy.

Or you could go the whole Mongolian BBQ route and have customers just mix up their own slop of raw meats and have it fried up for them. But, in a sense, it's the networking aspect we want to get going here. Cooking your own misses the social reconstructor aspect of it.
// Blogger Composing // 12:31 AM

I believe there is already an eatery where people can make their own food. It's called a "kitchen".
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:34 AM

"I believe there is already an eatery where people can make their own food. It's called a "kitchen"."

Yep. This isn't just "user made food" any more than the blogosphere is just "user written diaries". The important part is networking the users together.

An EdgeRestaurant will need to be a place where users feed each other. It has to create an opportunity and culture of people feeding each other which is easier than people simply running dinner parties for each other in their own homes. (Although I guess Nigella Lawson, Martha Stewart etc. *have* built Edge Competencies around that network.)
// Blogger Composing // 4:33 PM

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