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Friday, July 13, 2007

Facebook Hysteria Reversal

A few days back, I wrote a post questioning the Facebook hysteria sweeping the Valley.

Apparently, a larger backlash is growing.

I think much of this backlash is as misguided as the hysteria. Is Facebook worth nothing? Of course not. It's creating a significant amount of value.

It just may not be as durable - or as deep - as the hysteria makes it out to be.

-- umair // 8:03 PM // 1 comments


The problem isn't the medium, it's the messages. Gosh, just maybe for a new interactive space slapping on the same banner advertising might not work?

The advertising world hate this possibility, having just got used to the idea of online advertising (around essentially publishing sites) as it means they might have to THINK and WORK a bit harder to get new messages across.

Couldn't possibly be an opportunity for brands to engage at new levels of granular sponsorship, targeted gifts, adding things to the micro level of interactions or provide neat new viral fun packs?

No, it must be the medium that's broken.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:48 AM

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