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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Industry Note: Error of the Day

Oh, the lulz.

"...NBC Universal is expanding its battle against YouTube and other viral video sites, using the weight of its top-rated USA cable network to launch an all-advertising website called"

Wow. Strategic errors are flying fast and furious these days.

Note to NBC: ads are ads. They impose massive nuisance costs on consumers.

Aggregate all the ads you like - it's pretty unlikely consumers are gonna demand them very much.

From a strategic pov, it's the economic essence of advertising - the fact that ads suck - that is being utterly and totally disrupted. That's where the real money is.

Put more simply: the problem isn't finding ads you like (hence, an economic role for an aggregator). Rather, its that 99.999% of ads suck.

We find it difficult to understand why ideas like this are considered market-worthy - especially in q3 2007.

-- umair // 7:49 PM // 1 comments


But you can also look at it as an experiment in finding the 0.1% of ads that don't - and that is quite inline with what you are preaching here.
// Blogger zby // 5:13 PM

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