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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Industry Note: Edge Competencies and Revolutionizing Branding

Even now, in late 2007, I continue to be surprised by the relative brilliance of Google.

Consider it's latest most - turning YouTube inside out.

This is a textbook - killer - example of leveraging resources at the edges, rather than the core. Google is always and everywhere deepening edge competencies.

We can crunch the numbers, etc - even the most basic analysis hints at the depths of value creation this simple move will unlock. Imagine a world where microvideos drive engagement with embedded ads, etc, etc, bla, blah.

Smart guys like Om and Rafat are skeptical - but I think they're missing the bigger picture a little bit.

Which is that it is going to let Google finally begin taking on the disease rotting the consumptionscape from within - that branding is dead, and whomever revolutionizes it is going to earn an advantage measured in decades, not months, quarters, or years.

Will this move do so overnight? Of course not. Does it position as the single player with the competencies and resource able to be leveraged at the edge who can take this challenge on? Absolutely.

Brilliant stuff - reflect on it for a while, and contrast it with core focused players (Yahoo, Wal Mart, random big mediacos).

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