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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Industry Note: Is Techmeme the New Technorati?

Link, like you didn't really know that - Memeorandum has been going sideways for quite a while now.

Which is lame - but, to be fair, it kind of sucks at the moment: it's like a playpen for the 10 yr olds of the mediaverse to shout each other down.

There are several points to note.

1) The attention efficiencies offered by a (working, not broken as it is today) reconstructor like Techmeme are enormous.
2) Techmeme should be the front-page of every newspaper in the world(ish).
3) Technorati should have been there before Techmeme (but they blew it too).
3.5) Lots of other players have tried as well.
4) Players keep blowing this challenge for a lack of vision about media (or, conversely, focusing waaaay too much on tech)
5) The big point is that this is a hard challenge. Whoever solves it will be required to design and construct a hyperefficient value chain - no mean feat, and certainly one which requires a deep strategic insight.
6) There is a massive opportunity for someone who understand what it means to seed an ecosystem to unlock significant amounts of value.

Of course, if did something kind of likewise for music, it's certainly not an impossible job...

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It seems easy, but it is non trivial to solve satisfactorily. We looked at the issue when we built a prototype Zeitgeist-o-meter for the BBC Innovation Lab.

What is interesting re Techmeme is its sources are now focussed far more on the larger (ie more pupulist) news sources (both blogs and msm) cmpared to say 2 years ago, and this means you get a sort of mirror effect with everyone reflecting the same stuff.

This simplifies the problem, but it does mean that a serendipty element goes missing.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:50 AM

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