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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Anti-Google Counter-Revolution

Dear Geniuses,

Blocking Google is about as smart as eating a pound of plutonium.

The problem isn't that Google's being an evil monopolist. It's that you used to be evil monopolists, and failed to invest in the quality of production.

Today, you're faced with the same dilemma every fading monopolist is. What do we do now that we suck?

The answer's really, really, really simple. Stop sucking.

But you're trying to create artificial scarcity instead. That might have worked in the 20th century - but it's a suicide bomb in the 21st. In a hyperconnected world, creating artificial scarcity kills orthodox businesses dead. That's because though you can block Google, there's no way to block people from using Google to find stuff that doesn't suck.

See the problem? The Force is so not with you.



-- umair // 6:52 PM // 1 comments


I largely agree Umair. But Google should have been more transparent with its economics.
// Blogger Unknown // 9:54 AM

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