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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Every so often, I write a manifesto. Here's the collection so far. They're a really good place to begin exploring the key themes we discuss regularly.

The Awesomeness Manifesto
The Generation M Manifesto
The Smart Growth Manifesto
The Builders' Manifesto 

-- umair // 5:29 AM // 2 comments


how can there not be any comments in here? I found out about you from a book by Jeff Jarvis called what would Google do...I was flying over Europe when I found out about the new economics of media and had no internet access, but now I have:) your site is a must see.
// Blogger by me // 3:26 PM

You'll find PLENTY of comments on each of the individual manifesto posts ...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:17 AM

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