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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Edge Patterns: Rights Shift

Guys, I know a lot of you think I have a pretty extreme view on Viacom vs Goog.

Let's take a step back. I'm thinking about the deep economics which strategies must dominate - or businesses fail.

And what's trivially clear in this case is that property rights in media are deeply out of sync with media economics - deeply out of sync with value is created, and how it must be captured.

What's needed is a rights shift - for a radical innovator to fundamentally redefine the nature of property rights in an industry (which is really what YouTube and Myspace are doing).

I wrote about this a long time ago. Then, I was thinking about the music industry - and I was pretty much proven right. It was a radical innovator redefining prop rights - Myspace - who reshaped music.

The argument - the strategies and economics - is exactly the same today; it's just the names of the players that have changed.

So I think if you wanna go deeper into the argument, my paper is probably a good place to start.

-- umair // 3:18 PM // 4 comments


I agree that the old media needs to understand that value creation is now at the edges. So they need to change their business model, get the rights management out of the content. The value is now created in the delivery ie Google, YouTube, etc. However this business model cannot be forced upon them. It must be their decision or they must at least be asked to participate since they are a stakeholder in the value creation chain. The chain breaks if any stakeholder does not participate in the value capturing.
Hypothetically if I scrape the content of your blog and display it on another website and run adwords on the side and do not give you a cut, how do you feel about that. I also am better at SEO than you so my site comes to the top when searches are performed on say edge competencies etc.. If you participate in the value capturing then you are OK with it. I am better at getting the content consumed, you create it, so I add value therefor you should allow me to do what I do and you do what you do thats edge competencies. Correct?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:34 PM

Thanks for the link to the paper. It really helps when your posts have links to your relevant reports and "important" prior posts. Even better than, "see report to the right." Links are...useful.

I've been reading you since July 2004 when your first started criticizing iTunes and Macsurfer first linked to your iTunes posts. But I don't think I've read all your important posts, or I've forgotten them, so it helps to get pointed to the relevant ones from time to time.

I'm not an economist and I'm probably not your target audience, either, so just take this comment FWIW.
// Anonymous alcatholic // 9:54 PM

Is this an example of "Edge Patterns :Right Shift"

I am really trying to understand this. Does this add value? Notice how the links in the feed titles do not point to you but to a page and also how a whole discussion on your content can take place at for each of your posts.

like this one

I am the first Anonymous Coward Commenter by the way.

I should also note the is getting very good search engine placement for many of these pages. I am seeing more of their pages at the top of my Google searches. What I am seeing in the search results is actually the feeds of their pages.

like this

Often feeds get better Search ranking that the site where the content originated from.

So do I subscribe to their feed or your feed(same content just different location)? If they get better search placement, thus better visibility, thus attract more attention, thus capture more attention, and we are in an attention economy so therefor they
are in a better position to leverage the attention do we grow the community at around your content? Or is the web broken? By broken I mean is this just confusion, chaos, etc.. DOES IT ADD VALUE (I am not seeing it)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:05 PM

Me again, I should read more carefully;...discontinuous future, would you even say disjointed?, and now I see Anarchy. Ok I get it but it's the implementations that I think suck.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:46 PM
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